The company was founded in October 1995. In the initial stage of establishment, we mainly did external diameter grinding processing. In the next year, we increased surface grinding machine, and two years after, we added parts production and manufacturing. In order to cater to clients' demands of parts and mould development, and for accuracy and time efficiency, we increased internal diameter grinding machine and center rest inner hole grinding machine. In the fifth year under the situation of original factory building's being not enough for usage, we moved the factory to the present address, and increased large-scale internal and external diameter grinding machine (internal diameter grinding and cylinder & cone grinding machine) and rotary table style grinding machine in succession; meanwhile, we increased the sales department, and added the production items of CNC lathe shock-resistant tool case and grinding wheel gauge exclusively for cylindrical grinder, as well as the transaction. Under the close cooperation of responsible colleagues, the company's business has become more and more prosperous. Moreover, we have increased various machinery equipment one after another. In the future age that pursues innovation and change, the company will adhere to the spirit of unceasing progress to invest continuously, and make efforts in product R&D and design, expecting to occupy an important status in the future market!